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Bringing the technology Skiers and snowboarders need to make safer decisions in your terrain park

Protecting patrons and pocketbooks
from unnecessary risk in your Terrain Parks.

Total number of active skiers and snowboarders who enjoy terrain parks ¹
Of the injuries in Swiss terrain parks, this is the percentage that occurs on jump features ²
Largest historic jury verdict against a ski resort from overshooting a terrain park jump ³
Percentage of jumpers who want to avoid landing too short or too long

¹ The 21/22 Kottke Demographic Report
² Terrain park injuries in Switzerland, the 23rd ISSS 2019
³ Salvini v. Ski Lifts, Inc, 2008

The Challenge

Generally, terrain park enthusiasts are younger men under 25.  In many cases their skill sets are still in development – some have very little experience at all.  Many will attempt jumps that are beyond their ability.  They don’t yet understand the complex dynamics of speed, jump incline, lip angle, trajectory and other considerations that impact a rider’s ability to make a successful landing.  They will try anyway, introducing the possibility of both personal injury and ski area risk/liability.

The solution

Precision Approach helps skiers and snowboarders (collectively “riders”) replace this false sense of confidence.  When our technology senses the possibility of an unsuccessful jump, the system warns the athlete to abort the attempt.  This process will enhance safety by educating riders about potential risks before they ever leave the snow.

Light detecting and ranging (LIDAR) units positioned near terrain park jumps with an LED light signal removes the snow friction variable.  Taking the guesswork out of this critical speed consideration increases the number of jumpers reaching the landing zone.

Speed awareness

We alert athletes with speed awareness and an abort warning tool that encourages safety to cut down on injuries.

Collision avoidance

LIDAR and A.I. technology is also used to electronically show the status of the blind landing area with an “all clear” symbol.

Video documentation

Video documentation provides the tools your ASDA legal team needs to better protect you in the event of a legal action

A stroll down memory lane

Ski patrol was founded
Ski patrol was founded

Following a “Service and Safety” creed since its establishment, ski patrol has made mountain resorts safer for its participants.

breakaway bindings
breakaway bindings

After breaking his leg skiing, Innovator Hjalmar Hvam developed a safer way to help prevent skiers from enduring the same fate.

NSAA founded
NSAA founded

The NSAA has revolutionized the ski/snowboard industry by making it a safer activity for people of all ages. Bringing us safety standards, educational seminars, and the “responsibility code.”


As terrain parks grew in popularity, the National Ski Area Association and Burton Snowboard came together to create this rule of thumb, or best practice to make these vulnerable areas of the resort more safe.

Today’s tech
Today’s tech

For 30 years terrain park jumps have been built for customers who are still guessing on their approach speed. Our technology provides “this” critical information to approaching riders so better decisions can be made for a safer outcome.

Better decisions in your terrain park

In recent years, much work has been put into design considerations making terrain park jumps safer.  While keeping these important best practices, more work can be done by turning our focus to the individual riders.

We know that skiers and snowboarders do not always exercise good judgment and decision-making, inspecting the features or controlling their speed.  Our technology provides critical approach information to athletes based on varying snow conditions.

Just like experience, “information” strengthens an individual’s decision-making process and the likelihood of a successful landing.  As an additional safety consideration, Precision Approach’s service model also includes an onsite representative to help monitor terrain park users and the company’s equipment.

The use of LED indicators forewarns the rider that their energy is either too high or too low to successfully reach the designated landing zone.  A reduction in hard landings outside this designated area reduces injuries for your terrain park guest.


Daily terrain park riders arrive full of confidence, but may lack the skill and knowledge to execute the jumps safely.  Our goal is to take the approach-speed guesswork out of the equation for more successful results and a better mountain experience.  Get in touch to learn more about how Precision Approach can help.